Kunwaa Foundation

Kunwaa Foundation

Thar Kunwaa Foundation

Even the smallest contribution can change lives.

One less cup of coffee for you can mean a whole world to these children.

About us

Kunwaa Foundation: A non-profit organization established in December 2020 with a mission to provide access to clean water and improve the lives of families in Thar, Pakistan. With a focus on addressing the extreme water scarcity and high levels of salinity in the region, Kunwaa has completed 100 wells, benefiting over 6250 families and enabling livestock breeding and agriculture. Through its efforts, Kunwaa is transforming Thar and bringing hope to those in need.

Thar Water Plans

On the basis of past experiences it has been learnt that solar pumps can be used for agriculture purpose at small scale. For eradication of poverty and improving living conditions it is very curtail that people of thar should be provided with alternative feasible and accessible sources of income.  Agriculture on solar pumps is one of the most effective sources of income in Thar after livestock.   Thus, it is suggested that for sustainable livelihood of Thari people, Foundation should provide them Solar pumps for agriculture purpose on interest free loan rather than grant.

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Kunwaa Foundation 

Kunwaa Foundation 

Key Objectives


Develop, rehabilitate and maintain wells on sustainable basis.


To use water as catalyst for the uplift of social and economic activities of the communities.


To help communities expand their earnings by generating local employment.


To improve standard of livings of the communities through education and skill development.


To improve the quality of the water for drinking purposes.

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