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Kunwaa Foundation: A non-profit organization established in December 2020 with a mission to provide access to clean water and improve the lives of families in Thar, Pakistan. With a focus on addressing the extreme water scarcity and high levels of salinity in the region, Kunwaa has completed 100 wells, benefiting over 6250 families and enabling livestock breeding and agriculture. Through its efforts, Kunwaa is transforming Thar and bringing hope to those in need.

Agriculture in Tharparkar totally depends on monsoon seasonal rain. If it timely rains thrice in one monsoon season then agriculture produces millet, sorghum, cluster bean, vegetables, and chilies.It causes to grow plentiful Gowar, Bajra, Jouwar, Moong and other lentils. Desert awakes with the greenery all around.In some areas, the people of Tharparkar use underground water.The 40% of Thar Desert area has sweet underground water, which can be used for agriculture purpose as well.People are ploughing their fields through solar pumps and growing, wheat, chilies, cotton, Onion, Tomato’s, and other vegetables. Besides, growing green gross for their livestock.





  • A typical summer well comprises of drilling, summer pump and solar panels (___ KV).
  • In addition to the Well, Kunwaa Foundation build
  •  Water storage facility
  • Animal drinking area
  • The cost of construction of a single well is estimated at Rs 350,000 to Rs 500,000.
  • Currently, Kunwaa Foundation has constructed 82 wells.
  • The average estimated maintenance cost is Rs 10,000 per well pa.
  • Kunwaa Foundation target to meet build 50 new wells in FY 2023.


  • Summer Solar Pump to create the economic opportunities for the local population, enabling them to generate sustainable revenue stream.
  • Initial success:
  • Two villages have utilized water from the wells developed by Kunwaa Foundation to cultivate the land.
  • Crops showed encouraging results.
  • Additionally, Livestock generate additional income for them.

PHASE ll Approach

  • The cost of solar pumps depends upon the depth of underground water which is approximately from PKR 500 K to 1,000 K.


  • Loan term should be from 12 to 24 Months
  • Recovery should be linked with crop cultivation
  • Insurance and processing fees charged upfront and may be deducted from disbursement.
  • Solar pump material should be purchased from approved suppliers
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