Kunwaa Foundation

Kunwaa Foundation

Vision & Mission


Our vision at Kunwaa Foundation is simple: to make a positive difference in the world. We want to help people who need it by providing support and assistance.

To improve the lives of people through provision of water.

Our goal is to spread kindness and contribute to the well-being of our community and beyond. 

Through our charitable efforts, we aim to offer financial help to those facing challenges.

Our mission is to bring smiles, help our community, and reach out to even more people around the world.


To provide water access for the communities which we serve.

To use water as catalyst for the uplift of social and economic activities of the communities.

To help communities expand their earnings.

To improve standard of livings of the communities through education and skill development.

To provide safe drinking water

Tharparkar desert  is 80% fertile desert and it has need of water. there is only one source of water and that is rain thats why we want to provide water to make thar desert fertile throuh water projects.

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